Job Description

The Imago Interiors team are looking for an analytical, detail-orientated Researcher to join our growing sales team based in Fitzrovia, London.

You will become an integral part of the sales team providing insightful value through research, reporting and careful analysis as well as maintaining a high standard of consistent data entry across the business.

This role is an excellent opportunity for the right individual to grow with the business and help us meet our ambitious growth targets over the coming years.

Ideal candidates should be focussed, analytical and goal orientated. They should be a supportive team player who values structure whilst being able to operate efficiently when being left to work autonomously.

Researcher responsibilities:

Consistency is key

• To own the data entry process and hold the team accountable for consistently capturing all information required on the CRM system
• To understand what a good lead looks like for Imago and based on the criteria quickly establish whether a lead should be pursued or not
• Ensuring that the forecasting activity of the sales team is monitored effectively and that any inclination towards cautious or ambitious forecasting is highlighted to try and obtain consistency across the sales team.
• Ensuring that reporting within the CRM at every stage of the sales cycle is consistently completed and hold the team accountable for any discrepancies.
• To closely monitor all lead generation sources and provide insightful analysis including but not limited to how many leads have been provided, how much has the lead source cost the business, what percentage of leads turn into opportunities etc
• To oversee and manage the integrity of data being input into the CRM system
• To provide both high-level management reports utilising the clean data as well as granular detailed reports of sales activities, forecasting or anything else deemed useful
• To either possess a working knowledge of Excel or a willingness to learn how Excel can be utilized to provide actionable analytical data. Excel will need to be used regularly to be successful in this role

Lead Generation activities

• To approach lead generation activities using both analytical and lateral thinking
• Proactively research all possible angles of a lead when provided to make sure the sales team are as well informed as possible throughout all stages of the sales cycle
• A hunger to generate opportunities and to support the sales team wherever possible with additional value
• Actively look for recognisable trends or patterns to assist the sales team with useful insight
• Research new opportunities using existing information and software available – for example finding Landlord development opportunities
• Develop a lead scoring matrix for opportunities and implement into CRM system
• Actively seek out other lead sources to develop the sales funnel, such as top 100 list. Develop and nurture each list utilizing your solid understanding of what makes a good Imago lead to create credible calling lists
• A thirst to seek out ways to enhance the lead management process, this could be through third party companies, such as paid-for solutions like Zoominfo, Lusha, CoStar or Beauhurst

Person Specification:

• Ideally the candidate will have an undergraduate degree or relevant business experience in a role that demonstrates transferable skills
• A natural aptitude for extracting meaningful conclusions from raw data sets
• Comfortable in learning or developing new systems and ways of working
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft (particularly Excel) and CRM systems
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills
• Strong organisation and time management skills
• Ability to be at ease working independently as well as enjoy being part of a team with a shared focus and goal

Could this be you?

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