Charles Turner

Business Development

My Profile:
I have been in Commercial Property for 14 years & began in Design & Build during the 2008 crash. I have also worked in commercial agency. What I love about central London, is that there are always business opportunities & relationships regardless of the climate. I am a people person & like putting talented people together who can spark & bounce off each other & delight the client. I love it when an initial opportunity becomes a roll out across multiple sites. I very much enjoy the Networking relationships I forge where we can talk about business & current affairs in equal measure. I enjoy putting work providers & clients in front of our senior team, as we have a unique & compelling proposition. Geographically I find our base in Fitzrovia the perfect place to approach the market & meet interesting people

Best Business Moment:
‘Being present’ in the moment when my friends company were signing heads of terms on a beautiful 5.2k sq ft space & putting them in touch with our senior team, who now have not only won the work but have designed a beautiful engaging space

Best Personal Moment:
The birth & growth of my 6 year old son Sebastian & all his milestones, especially the rewards he has received at school

  • Chilling out:
  • Anything to do with my son
  • Running
  • Motorbikes
  • DIY & home renovation
  • Politics
  • Attending Rock Gigs