Efficient space-planning within the commercial office can have a  huge impact on a clients’ property strategy. In some cases we have met clients who believe they have maxed out their space and are in the market for a new premises, when a re-think and space-plan incorporating new ways of working can actually mean there is no need to go.

From the introduction of more flexible working hours, collaboration and informal meeting hubs to simply a more efficient office furniture system, there are some quick wins to how you can optimise your workplace. In many instances, this can be done quickly and cost effectively without the need of major build works.

Our Property Evaluation is a tailored part of our Workplace Analysis Process is geared towards clients who have either got to crunch time due to lack of space and growth potential or those who have actually short-listed a new building.

For those that are struggling with capacity we focus on space efficiency through our evaluation of how the existing space is being used, including meeting room usage, furniture layout and a storage audit. This data is analysed alongside the current business objectives, how you are working and future growth forecasts to provide an objective Space Strategy to enable you to work and grow harmoniously.

For clients who have short-listed maybe one or two buildings, our evaluation process will identify which building best suits their needs, which one delivers the best return to enable them to meet their business objectives, increase staff morale and provide the most efficient return of investment during the life of the lease.

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