Your office environment will have a significant impact on how your company is perceived by clients and staff alike, whilst having a major influence on your overall business performance.

Your current workforce along with any prospective new recruits will be inspired and motivated by a working environment that has been carefully planned to meet the needs of your business, in a way that offers the most important element of any business, the people, a great place to work.

Clients and visitors will also be influenced and affected by their experience when they visit your offices. Their interpretation of your people and your brand will supported by a well designed workplace.

At imago we understand that to achieve a great workplace does not mean spending lots of money. Our Workplace Analysis Process considers the following elements to develop a clear strategy of what it would take to achieve a well balanced, inspirational and motivational working environment:

  • Brand Identity & Navigation
  • Staff Retention & Attraction
  • Working Adjacencies & Communication
  • Human Resources, Hierarchy & Staffing Placement
  • Catering, Break-out, Collaboration & In-formal Meeting Zones

Whether you are looking for a larger office, down-sizing or an in-situ refresh, we have the process and people to make a significant difference to your business. To fond out more click here