January is a time for reflection and resolutions. A time where the majority of us are determined to fill our diary out with exciting events and embark on new beginnings which bring about change in the year to come. Many of us long for holidays in the sun, whilst others are determined to deviate from the old and discoloured carpet in the lounge to a modern alternative

If you are willing changes – small or large – which affect your home, the outcome can be remarkably uplifting. Not only will it satisfy your cravings for progress and adventure, but, renovating your home can change your mood, improve comfort and offer you more aesthetic pleasure from the everyday space around you.

It pays to do some research on the restoration you had in mind so, to help you make a head start, here are a few of our favourite suggestions for upgrading your home in 2017.


Lighting provides more than simply ‘offer light’. The colour, tone, format and wattage has a profound effect on the mood and ambience of a room. Skylights are a great way to flood a room with natural light, whilst pendant lights are striking centerpieces. Lamps create cozy corners and standing lights open up dark corners. Go for softer lighting to make your home feel warmer and experiment with materials for a more unique look. We predict that industrialized styles such as burnished copper, steampunk designs will be a great hit for hanging lights, whereas unusually designed corner lamps infused with iron and material will take centre stage.


Curtains are an essential part of the décor which allows you to experiment with the design and aesthetics of the room you are updating. The choices are limitless as you can explore an array of different patterns, fabrics, lengths, rods and colour. The variables are endless. Light curtains will keep that open, airy feel from the window and make the room feel bigger and lighter, whilst dark heavy curtains can add luxury and inject a feel of historic elegance. Vertical designs will make the room feel taller, so consider muted patterns and plaids if you’re ceilings are quite low.


Mirrors are a brilliant way of opening up a room. They seem to add a whole other dimension, creating the illusion of double space and depth. You can tuck them away in wardrobes and cupboards if space is tight, or you can use a large mirror as a centerpiece for maximum effect. A well-placed mirror can work wonders, just experiment with it and make sure to choose a design in time with the style of the room you have chosen to place it in.


The colours of a room will dominate the overall mood of the space, so think carefully about experimentation. Light coloured walls will expand a room whilst dark colours close in the room, so think about the space that you have. Is it small and dark and needs to be brightened up? Or do you want to make a space feel more intimate and cozy? Off-whites, pale blues and pastel greens are good ways to subtly add colour to brighten up the room, but remember you don’t have to use the same shade of colour on every wall. Have a bit of fun with colour and texture by adding a feature wall which highlights visual interest. Colours such as grey lilac and honey yellow are set to create a storm for this coming year.


It might not be top of your list but you should never underestimate the power of good quality flooring. If you’re really going all out then a mezzanine floor could be a cost effective, fun addition to your home that will add space, be it storage or sleeping. But make sure you know what the building requirements are first. Wooden floors are easy to clean, versatile and long-lasting, adding luxury and comfort to any room. Ensure the colour you opt for matches your new chosen palette and direction across your interiors to complement the overall design.


Doors are another aspect of a room that can often be overlooked. However, small tweaks made can completely modernize your home and ensure that you won’t be forgetting your doors the next time you come round to an alteration overhaul. For instance, update the door handles and hinges to shiny new metal models to add a sleek and contemporary feel to the place. The right panelling will complete a room’s mood and style and in colours such as tobacco are set to appear popular in the New Year. Archways can be a good space saving option if there’s limited room for a door swing or French doors which provide wide access between rooms in your home.


If space is tight, shelves should be your first port of call. Alcove shelving is a fantastic solution to making the most out of tight corners and small space that has, up until now, been neglected. You can essentially declutter any space by installing some solid oak shelves to hold all of your books and ornaments. Floating shelves are modern and unfussy and look great in a rustic, dark wood design, whilst supported shelves are going to be stronger and potentially more space consuming, so think about what you can compromise on.

Whatever your plan is, start with a budget. How much are you willing to spend and how much time and effort can you give? Decide what you want to improve and then what is most important. It doesn’t need to be expensive; small changes can create big effects. A well-planned renovation by a creative eye can bring as much joy to your home as an interior design expert.